No one should have no one at Christmas

23 December, 2019

Loneliness is a subjective feeling and, if persistent, can have a significant negative impact on well-being and quality of life. The Campaign to End Loneliness state that 9% of older people report that they feel cut off from society, whilst 7% of people aged 50+ living in England (equating to…


‘tis the Season for Giving

20 December, 2019

With only a few days left until Christmas, CHR would like to wish happy holidays to all our clients, colleagues, friends and followers, who have contributed to making this year so special. 2019 has been our best year yet and a heartfelt thank you goes to our broad Operations and Consulting Teams,…


CTAD Impressions: Is there finally going to be a disease modifying therapy approved for Alzheimer’s?

16 December, 2019

Biogen presented data at CTAD showing aducanumab met its primary endpoint in the discontinued phase 3 emerge trial at CTAD, and is now progressing through the regulatory process with the FDA There are currently no disease modifying therapies approved for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). With no way of s…


Rapid Approvals & Innovative Approaches, But Which Sickle Cell Therapies Will Offer Real Benefits?

28 November, 2019

Sickle cell disease (SCD) currently effects 100,000 patients in the US and about 1 in every 365 Black or African-American births; historically unmet need has been incredibly high with only a narrow selection of largely ineffective therapies available. November 2019 however sees a changing of the…


We have launched our new London Office!

01 November, 2019

In January 2018, we opened our first London office, this was a significant step in our growth as we expanded out of our Cambridge headquarters. We took on a modest office on Cheapside, with the ambition to grow into the space, which we did very quickly! 18 months later, we are proud of our growth…


Key Insights from ESMO 2019

03 October, 2019

One of the big stories featured the battle between the PARP inhibitors. In ovarian cancer, Phase III clinical trial readouts has got analysts guessing how GSK, AstraZeneca and AbbVie may play it out against each other in the first-line setting. However, with AstraZeneca’s PARP readout in pancreatic c…


Two’s a crowd and three’s a party – managing a drug franchise

18 September, 2019

Do brand teams dread the idea of a drug franchise? We know the successes are there for the taking but how do you get there and avoid the slip-ups? Holding an active portfolio of drugs in a therapy area can be considered a strength for a pharmaceutical company and this goes beyond access to…


Findacure Rare Disease Showcase

13 August, 2019

Whilst, the diagnosis of a condition, is difficult for every patient and their family, the diagnosis of a rare disease has significantly greater challenges. On average, it takes patients with rare diseases, five years to gain the correct diagnosis. During this time, they will likely be routed…


Bio Asia Taiwan 2019 Highlights

02 August, 2019

The larger size of BIO Asia 2019, compared to last year, highlighted the increasing importance that global pharma and MedDev are placing on Asian markets. The conference included presentations from more than 80 industry experts including those from Silicon Valley Bank, Amazon, NVIDIA, MSD, Amgen,…


Celebrating Five Years

30 July, 2019

As we reach this milestone, we thought it was a great time to reflect on the five things we are most proud of achieving in the last five years: Our Clients: we have become the go to, trusted supplier for some of the biggest pharma companies in the world Our People: we have grown from a team of…