Aduhelm, a revolutionary approval; mapping the road to the clinic

05 October, 2021

After 2 decades of research that has failed to produce a cure, prevention or reliable treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), in June 2021, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first Alzheimer’s disease-modifying drug: aducanumab (also known by its brand name Aduhelm). Alz…


The 'what' that matters - questions worth asking

09 September, 2021

We have long been warned of the importance of asking the right questions. The concept can be seen across society, from classes in school to great movie characters’ and thinkers’ quotes. One such example is in the classic film the Karate Kid where Mr Miyagi says, “The answer’s only important if you ask the…


Telehealth: Tackling Evolving Competitive Landscapes in Response to a Megatrend

04 August, 2021

Telehealth is the facilitation of healthcare, health education and health information remotely through telecommunications technology. As a concept, telehealth has been around for decades, with origins traced back to the 1940s. However, it has boomed significantly since the Covid-19 pandemic…


Is Pre-Hospital Administration the Future for Antiplatelet Therapies?

27 July, 2021

Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI), the insertion of a stent to widen blood vessels around the heart, is the preferred treatment for patients suffering an Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI), and to address atherosclerosis. Patients undergoing PCI are commonly administered an adjuvant…


15 Years of Biosimilars: Lessons Learnt and What’s Next

09 July, 2021

As we pass the 15th year mark since the world’s first official biosimilar was approved in the EU, the biosimilar landscape continues to evolve and expand globally. Globally, the increasing use of biosimilars is expected to reduce spending by approximately $160 billion between 2019 and 2023. B…


Why war games are not the answer to understanding markets - Part Two

01 June, 2021

What Are the Goals The focus of the marketer should be on the market, and especially how the market will change in the future, not on other companies. The key goal should be as deep an understanding of the market as possible, certainly a better understanding than anyone else in the market. That…


The rise of real-world evidence in the pharmaceutical industry

20 May, 2021

Real-world evidence (RWE) is defined as clinical evidence regarding a medical product that is derived from analysis of real-world data (RWD), meaning data collected in the context of the routine delivery of care as opposed to within a clinical trial. The data is usually mined from registries,…


A view through the weeds: Where do we stand on medical cannabis

14 May, 2021

Medical cannabis is no new topic, with its use being traced back to ancient societies around the world. Over the past few years however, there has been a definitive upturn in interest from Big Pharma around the potential for cannabinoids to offer clinical benefit in numerous diseases. Starting out…


Why war games are not the answer to understanding markets - Part One

12 May, 2021

In 1832 in his classic work On War, Carl von Clausewitz describes the aim of war as being the need to reduce the resistance of a group so that they will bend to your will. The object is political, to bend a group/country to your will and the aim is military, to reduce their resistance. This…


Review: Competitive Intelligence in Pharma and Life Science Event

06 May, 2021

As CI professionals, we are, by now, well aware of the many changes and challenges that the pandemic has brought upon us. Attending CI congresses makes no exception. In pre-2020 times, attending a CI conference was a great opportunity to break out of the office routine for a couple of days, hop on…


A Hidden Gen: The Billion Dollar US Generic Injectables Market

29 April, 2021

Up until early 2000s the focus of generic pharma players has been on the larger oral solids (OSDs) and retail segments. However, with ~$13bn worth of injectable brands losing exclusivity in the next 5 years and shrinking OSD returns, the future opportunity is shifting to more complex injectable and…


Synthetic control arms – use of RWE in clinical trials

16 April, 2021

Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) are the ‘gold standard’ for evaluating the efficacy and safety of drugs and treatments. However, RCTs have a number of limitations, including large recruitment numbers needed, participants’ fear they will end up receiving a placebo, time and cost. In recent years, there…


Virtual Conferences: A Year in Review and Future Direction

12 March, 2021

In March 2020, CHR highlighted how many organisations have opted to conduct virtual conferences and what that means to us as a company when gathering primary insights. Conference coverage is a key offering by CHR, and as a company we have quickly adapted to virtual conferences, utilising the tools…


The war on vaccines in a post-COVID world

26 February, 2021

At the time of writing, the world is currently undergoing the largest vaccination programme in its history, in light of the crippling COVID-19 pandemic. Approximately 218 Million doses have been administered across 99 countries, and the rate is increasing daily. However, lurking beneath this…


Part II-Should Your Strategy be a Destination or a Journey

08 February, 2021

So, how do I recognize the need to change my approach to strategy? There are several signs that your existing classical strategy approach is not delivering for you: • You notice that you keep revisiting your strategy, it isn’t appropriate for as long as it used to be, changing at least parts of it …


Why 2021 Will Be A Fiercely Competitive Year In The Human Growth Hormone (hGH) Market

05 February, 2021

Long acting hGH products will be launched in 2021 in paediatric hormone deficiency, but all the entrants face competitive challenges from each other and entrenched daily competitors Genentech first commercialised recombinant hGH for daily use in 1985. Since then, many entrants including Pfizer,…


Part I-Should Your Strategy Be A Destination Or A Journey?

15 January, 2021

Cambridge Healthcare Research CEO Chris Stevenson gives his industry insight… As someone who has spent considerable amount of time in healthcare management consulting, I have heard many commercial leaders say that they can’t be successful without a clear strategy. This may indeed be the case. How…


Unlocking the Opportunity in Axial Spondyloarthritis - Treating the Visible and the Invisible

17 December, 2020

AxSpA (axial spondyloarthritis) is an autoimmune disease that affects the axial skeleton, characterised by the presence of inflammatory back pain caused by sacroiliitis and genetic factor HLA-B27. Its commercial potential has been described as big as the more commonly-known rheumatoid arthritis…


Could targeting lysosomal dysfunction be the key to treating Parkinson’s disease?

12 November, 2020

There is an increasing interest in the clinical development of therapies targeting genetically defined PD, despite this only representing a small proportion of the overall PD population. Why does this provide such an attractive target for pharmaceutical intervention? Parkinson’s disease occurs when p…


China Market Access: Opportunity or Obstacle?

04 November, 2020

In today’s climate, it’s hard to escape the feeling that all roads lead to China. The country has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years; a booming economy and rise in the middle classes, an increasingly aging population, lifestyle changes leading to growing public health challenges, and a gov…


Have ‘smart’ devices arrived in healthcare? The emergence of digitally connected combination products

28 October, 2020

With the ever-increasing advance of connected consumer devices, the promise of ‘smart’ drug delivery seems poised to solve some of the healthcare industry’s greatest challenges. However, connected medical device developers face significant barriers. Regulators demand extensive evidence of safety and e…


From cholesterol to COVID-19: RNA therapeutics as an emerging treatment approach

16 September, 2020

After decades in clinical development, RNA-therapies are establishing themselves as a novel treatment approach. RNA as drugs and drug candidates RNA is probably best known as the genetic intermediary between its molecular cousin, DNA, and proteins. However, RNA also plays a key role at the…


Could CDK4/6 inhibitors be established in early-stage HR+ breast cancer?

18 August, 2020

Exciting developments continue to arise across many tumor types, with established medications looking for licensing in new and earlier indications. In HR+ HER2- breast cancer (BC), there is an opportunity for CDK4/6 inhibitors to enter the early-stage setting, with potential clear benefits for…


Cancer Cachexia – no time to waste

04 August, 2020

There are still no approved treatments for an age-old disease; will pharma, researchers and regulators finally work together to find a cure? One of the most visible, and potentially distressing results of late-stage cancer is to watch a patient ‘literally’ waste-away. Even if a patient retains the…


The US Biosimilar Landscape is Heating Up

10 July, 2020

The US Biosimilar Landscape is Heating Up The emergence of biosimilars has provided promise of increased cost-savings and increased patient accessibility to biologics. However, this promise has not yet been realised in the US. Following the leader To date, 27 biosimilars have been approved in the…


The Gene Therapy Revolution Has Arrived. But What’s Next?

03 July, 2020

In 1989, Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg performed the first officially approved gene transfer in humans, attempting to introduce the gene coding for resistance to neomycin in TIL cells through a retroviral-mediated gene transduction. That landmark moment provided a glimpse into the soaring therapeutic…


Managing cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

11 June, 2020

To treat or not to treat, that is the question COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of clinical care globally – no doubt. Amid monumental efforts put in place by national health systems to repurpose existing resources, infrastructure and wards as well as building new, dedicated hospitals to manage t…


COVID-19: Dissecting the therapeutic and vaccine landscape Volume II

08 June, 2020

Over the past month there have been many new developments in the race to find a COVID-19 cure. New data has been amassed for several potential therapeutics, including Gilead’s remdesivir, which demonstrated relatively modest efficacy in treating moderate and severe forms of the infection, while a l…


Hidden opportunity in a time of crisis: Rheumatology’s assets at the COVID-19 frontline

30 April, 2020

While a COVID-19 vaccine is still a significant way ahead, drugs from I&I’s Rheumatology arsenal have emerged as possible treatments for late-stage infections. Could the potential to alleviate the world’s most pressing medical problem be a hidden opportunity for some? In early March 2020, while the…


COVID-19: Dissecting the therapeutic and vaccine landscape

27 April, 2020

Anti-virals? Antibodies? Immunomodulators? Vaccines? If you have a functioning pair of eyes and ears, you will have more than likely heard some of the following verbiage in the media or directly from the US President himself – ‘hydroxychloroquine’, ‘Remdesivir’, ‘Tamiflu’ or possibly the more obscure arthr…


The Show Must Go On: Virtual conferences and primary insights

24 March, 2020

On the final day of 2019, a case of pneumonia with an unknown cause was reported by the Chinese authorities in Wuhan, Hubei province, to the World Health Organisation. As more cases slowly emerged over the coming days, the country’s National Health Commission isolated the virus causing fever and f…


Nexletol and Nexlizet approvals: a heart-warming price in a space defeated with pricing battles?

11 March, 2020

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the most prevalent of all diseases and the leading cause of mortality, resulting in over $17mn deaths each year worldwide, and about 33% of all deaths in the US. Aside from following a careful diet and exercising regularly, lowering cholesterol is a key factor to…


Tumor Mutational Burden: end of the road or an uphill battle for acceptance as an immuno-oncology biomarker?

02 March, 2020

Tumor Mutational Burden: end of the road or an uphill battle for acceptance as an immuno-oncology biomarker? There has been much speculation and promise around the use of tumor mutational burden (TMB) as a potential biomarker capable of predicting immunotherapy response in oncology, but has recent…


Will PSMA-targeting diagnostics and therapeutics revolutionize Prostate Cancer care?

29 January, 2020

Prostate cancer (PC) is the fourth most common cancer worldwide, affecting approximately 1.3 million people, with approximately 1 in 9 men being diagnosed during their lifetime. Patients with localized disease typically respond well to surgery. Should the disease recur, patients are often treated…


CTAD Impressions: Is there finally going to be a disease modifying therapy approved for Alzheimer’s?

16 December, 2019

Biogen presented data at CTAD showing aducanumab met its primary endpoint in the discontinued phase 3 emerge trial at CTAD, and is now progressing through the regulatory process with the FDA There are currently no disease modifying therapies approved for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). With no way of s…


Rapid Approvals & Innovative Approaches, But Which Sickle Cell Therapies Will Offer Real Benefits?

28 November, 2019

Sickle cell disease (SCD) currently effects 100,000 patients in the US and about 1 in every 365 Black or African-American births; historically unmet need has been incredibly high with only a narrow selection of largely ineffective therapies available. November 2019 however sees a changing of the…


Key Insights from ESMO 2019

03 October, 2019

One of the big stories featured the battle between the PARP inhibitors. In ovarian cancer, Phase III clinical trial readouts has got analysts guessing how GSK, AstraZeneca and AbbVie may play it out against each other in the first-line setting. However, with AstraZeneca’s PARP readout in pancreatic c…


Two’s a crowd and three’s a party – managing a drug franchise

18 September, 2019

Do brand teams dread the idea of a drug franchise? We know the successes are there for the taking but how do you get there and avoid the slip-ups? Holding an active portfolio of drugs in a therapy area can be considered a strength for a pharmaceutical company and this goes beyond access to…


Findacure Rare Disease Showcase

13 August, 2019

Whilst, the diagnosis of a condition, is difficult for every patient and their family, the diagnosis of a rare disease has significantly greater challenges. On average, it takes patients with rare diseases, five years to gain the correct diagnosis. During this time, they will likely be routed…


Bio Asia Taiwan 2019 Highlights

02 August, 2019

The larger size of BIO Asia 2019, compared to last year, highlighted the increasing importance that global pharma and MedDev are placing on Asian markets. The conference included presentations from more than 80 industry experts including those from Silicon Valley Bank, Amazon, NVIDIA, MSD, Amgen,…