Careers at Cambridge Healthcare Research*

If you want to use your critical analysis expertise to advance the healthcare and life sciences industry, then Cambridge Healthcare Research is the place for you. Find out more about our story, how we work and why decision makers partner with us to inform pivotal judgements.

Alexandra Goodchild, Internal Communications and Events Manager

Alexandra Goodchild, Internal Communications and Events Manager

Culture at CHR

At CHR we pride ourselves on a culture that nurtures the talented and the curious, helping the inquisitive and the ambitious to develop skills which will help them grow as people within the team.

Our workspaces provide an ideal environment for our teams to help the brightest ideas reach patients. With a newly refurbished central London office located in Shoreditch, an office in Cambridge (the place from which we take our name) as well as the option to work from home, our people can benefit from a hybrid working model that values balancing work and life.

Supporting our teams with the power of knowing, we offer a variety of events and training across all of our brands. We promote positive social impact, develop practical skills and offer expert advice, positively challenging each other to be the best we can be for ourselves and for our clients.

Our contributions to society go further than just helping the brightest ideas help patients, that’s why we’ve developed CHR for Society – helping our team make a positive impact in the world.

CHR for Society

Our employee benefits

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

We set up an environment where our staff can establish psychological safety, normalising conversations about worries at work – breaking down any stigma attached to mental health. A lot happens in the world, and we want to ensure that our people have access to any confidential support or advice they might need through our EAP. Our people can access remote GPs, second opinion medical advice, mental health support, and physiotherapy services through this health and wellbeing service.

Financial Wellbeing

Our Financial wellbeing approach has been developed to create an open and supportive environment where employees can discuss financial wellbeing related matters, including access to a Company Loan Scheme. We understand that worries and concerns about personal finances can significantly affect physical and mental health and impact the ability of people to continue doing their job. CHR is committed to providing appropriate assistance to any employee who experiences financial problems.

Hybrid Working

We understand the importance of flexibility in enabling staff to create the work-life balance that suits their needs. That’s why Cambridge Healthcare Research offers hybrid working opportunities to all employees. Staff are empowered to work within their core hours from our Cambridge or London offices, as well as remotely from a place of their choosing. Empowering staff to do their best work where they feel most comfortable to do it – that’s helping the brightest ideas reach patients

A career at CHR is about the opportunity to bring your whole self to work, to grow. Our environment enables people to shape their progression and accelerate their development within professional services. As many of our colleagues join us from academia, our applied curiosity and considered approach helps people quickly gain expertise and unrivalled commercial awareness. At CHR, every person has a part to play in our story and is shaping the company's future. Come join us for the journey - there is much you already know, and we're here to fill in the parts you don't.
Rhianne Benger
Chief of Staff, Cambridge Healthcare Research

Core values at Cambridge Healthcare Research

Our transparent values enable Cambridge Healthcare Research to embed considered and curious teams at the heart of any client challenge.

Holistic perspective

Whether it’s looking at a situation with fresh eyes, listening to unheard voices, or leaving no stone unturned, we pride ourselves on bringing a critical and well-rounded perspective that helps colleagues and clients alike reach the next level.

Passionate about progress

We’re passionate about making progress in healthcare. We invest our enthusiasm in everything from exploration to outcome so that we can use our spark to ignite others and amplify our own impact.

Applied curiosity

As serial learners, there’s nothing we enjoy more than to ask questions and uncover opportunities. Seeing every challenge as a chance to improve our understanding, we’re happiest when applying our curiosity.

Collegiate camaraderie

We pride ourselves on our ability to make strong connections. Whether we’re inspiring each other internally, or becoming an extension of our client’s expertise, we know that collaboration is the key to success.

Grow your career across divisions of Cambridge Healthcare Research

Cambridge Healthcare Research will help you build a career in specialist research for healthcare and life science. Our market research, strategic competitive intelligence and pricing divisions provide you with the opportunity to help the brightest ideas reach patients.

Bringing opportunity to light

Solici is the strategic competitive intelligence division of Cambridge Healthcare Research.

Discover Solici

Know that your strategy will succeed

Vox.Bio is the market research division of Cambridge Healthcare Research.

Discover Vox.Bio

Optimise your approach to market

Navigate pricing and your healthcare market with our Pricing & Market Access.

Discover Pricing & Market Access

What else can Cambridge Healthcare Research offer?

Perfect Match
Charity Gift-Matching Scheme

Helping our people help others.

CHR is committed to supporting the many charitable causes our team are passionate about. Perfect Match is Cambridge Healthcare Research’s charity gift-matching scheme, in which we match donations our team-members make to their chosen charities. This not only helps us to support the causes our people care about, but also doubles the value of each donation.

Mind & Body
Physical and Mental Health Scheme

Supporting business-wide wellness.

Maintaining the well-being of our people is business-critical. For us, this means supporting each member of our team with the tools they need to maintain their mental and physical health. Our Mind & Body scheme provides a monthly allowance to each member of staff that can be used for activities and memberships aimed at improving or enriching their physical and mental well-being.

What makes a Cambridge Healthcare Researcher?

Each person who joins the CHR team has to be committed to working with healthcare and life science organisations to help the brightest ideas reach patients. With a strong interest in the pharmaceutical industry, product strategy and commercialisation, our industry-leading talent gives decision makers the power of knowing.

Work with us

Want to work with us? Take a look at the roles across each division of CHR as we grow our teams in order to advance healthcare through unrivalled understanding.