CHR for Society[1]

[1] Making positive contributions to our world, for society.

Why does CHR for Society exist?

We believe that a great business is not just about revenues and profits. It’s also about using our expertise and resources to have a positive impact on society and the environment. At CHR we are fully committed to driving positive change in the world – we want our employees to not only build fantastic careers, but also to know they have the ability to positively impact society along the way. That’s why we created CHR for Society.

What is CHR for Society?

CHR for Society has been developed to enable our team to empower themselves and contribute to society. We identified four key areas which we believe drive society forward to be a better place for all: Health, Education, Environment and Equality.

By giving our time, money and resources, CHR for Society has supported students in their journey to improve the world of healthcare, donated to large charities and local community organisations, environmental rewilding partnerships, and many other areas in between.

In 2022, through the work of CHR for Society, Cambridge Healthcare Research achieved a major business milestone. We became a carbon-neutral company, taking responsibility for our environmental footprint and doing our bit to tackle the climate emergency.

CHR for Society

Health is integral to our existence. Our organisation is centred around helping the brightest ideas reach patients. So we want to ensure we influence positive change, securing healthy lives and promoting well-being for all. That starts by supporting our team to be as healthy as possible, actively contributing to the health of society.

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Ngozi Okoli, Research Manager

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