Books can teach us, can make us dream, can make us travel, and can help us see the world through another person’s eyes. Reading its good for us, and it is not just us saying. For example, a recent study conducted in a Canadian University showed that recreational reading was associated with reduced psychological distress over the school year. With all its benefits, it is important that we cultivate and celebrate the habit of reading, and that is why for the past two years we have done so by celebrating the International Book Giving Day in February.

We have given book vouchers to our team and made a donation to Read for Good. Read for Good help bring books and storytellers to children in hospital, and they operate in four London hospitals as well as Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, amongst others. CHR’s donation provided the charity with two mobile book shelves, 20 new books and 10 story telling sessions.

We look forward to continue celebrating this special day for years to come!