We are living in challenging times and CHR is committed to supporting those fighting COVID-19. With Italy being one of the hardest-hit countries, we have supported the Cooperativa Obiettivo Salute and MOOSS with a donation contributing to the purchase of oximeters and a portable device to perform home lung ultrasounds. Implementing home surveillance and care will help reduce the burden on hospitals and improve outcomes. In the UK, we have supported our NHS by donating to both the BartsCharity in London and Addenbrooke’s ACTcharity in Cambridge. Both have set up COVID-19 appeals to support their hospital staff during and after the crisis. We want to recognize the efforts of those on the front lines of this pandemic and make sure they’re taken care of for in the long term. We must not forget the vulnerable communities during this pandemic, especially the elderly, who are not only more vulnerable to the disease, but are more at risk to both the logistics of safely sourcing food and loneliness. To this end we have decided to support AgeUK’s Help Older People’s Experience Campaign to keep the HOPE alive. We are not powerless against this pandemic and even the smallest acts of generosity create ripples that can grow to impact the lives of millions.

Testimonial from an Italian COVID-19 patient who has received an oximeter and has eventually healed:

“Hi Dr. Marzocchi, I’m super happy to tell you that finally I’m feeling good and I wanted to say thank you for all you did for me in that period, you acted for real like a hero! One of the most important things is the machine to check my heart and blood levels that you gave me, it’s super good and it made me feel protected and comfortable. And I think it’s good to have the possibility to check alone at home and see if your situation is good or not. Anyway, thank you so much for everything!”