In October 2021, CHR in collaboration with Chalkwell’s Council organised a litter picking volunteering day to help the local community to maintain a nicer, cleaner and better-looking environment.

With its proximity to London and the Essex towns in general, Chalkwell’s sandy shores are a popular target in summer for bathers and a pleasant destination during the rest of the year for a day’s stroll along the promenade, making it the perfect spot to clean up. The sun had come out kindly for us on the cold October Saturday morning we had chosen for our trip, making it easier to spot litter in the sand.

Bystanders looked on curiously at this troop armed with their litter pickers as they made their way along the beach and thanked them as they collected litter of just about every kind imaginable. You name it, we picked it up: glasses, bottles, cups, cans, children’s toys, which filled the recycling bins made available by the local council. The day flew by an we felt that we had done enough to earn a well-deserved plate of the local fish and chips, making sure to dispose of our waste in the appropriate way!

And then back to the station and home, feeling that not only had we done our bit towards making the beach more attractive for visitors and residents alike, but that we had also encouraged people to care more.