The frequently changing rules on swimming pool access in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic have largely limited access Level Water’s provision of swimming lessons to children with physical and sensory disabilities.

Level Water provides specialist one-to-one swimming lessons to these children. The aim is to teach children to swim 15 m front crawl and backstroke providing them then with the confidence and independence to join their local swimming club.

Unfortunately, this year, many children did not have the opportunity to receive swimming lessons due to COVID-19. To increase their self-esteem and lift spirits, we partnered with Level Water to bring a smile to these children during Christmas time.

CHR sponsored ~500 gift packs this Christmas to Level Water. Each gift contained a pair of swimming goggles and a card, for each Level Water child. Our employees wrote lovely encouraging and motivating wishes to Level Water Children:

“Check out these magic goggles, wearing them will turn you into a super swimmer! Have a merry Christmas and wishing you lots of happy dives next year!”

CHR employee

The positive feedback from Level Water and the joy we were able to bring to the LevelWater children left us motivated to continue our partnership with Level Water. We can’t wait for them to try on their new googles and dive into a swimming pool in 2021!

“The gifts have gone! Thank you so much for your initial idea that sparked all of this and the fun, efficient check-ins that kept me on track. I think we’re going to have some very happy swimmers this Christmas! Please send a big thanks to the Giving team and all the people who wrote messages”

Colette McCarthy, Project Coordinator, Fundraising, LevelWater