London Office Launch Event 2022

02 August, 2022

July has flown by in a haze of excellent in-person meetings, collaborative moments, and exciting events. The team have been flying high recently, with the opening of a brand-new office and enjoying spending face time with each other. The Launch Event for the office was a fantastic way to introduce…


Cambridge Healthcare Research is extremely proud to announce we are carbon neutral for the years 2019-2020!

28 July, 2022

Being a responsible business towards the community and the environment is part of Cambridge Healthcare Research’s DNA, and in April 2021 we created a sustainability working group (SWG) to ensure that we could make changes that would impact the world for the better. Early on in our journey, we p…


Richard Withers Joins Cambridge Healthcare Research as Strategic Advisor

22 June, 2022

The Board of Directors at Cambridge Healthcare Research (CHR) have appointed Richard Withers as Strategic Advisor to support the business through it’s next period of growth. Having appointed Founder Matteo Perucchini to CEO in September 2021, the company has continued to see substantial growth a…


London Office Relocation 2022

31 May, 2022

From 3, to 30, to 300?! All in good time… It’s been a busy May and we can’t help but reflect on just how exciting it has been. Although it certainly doesn’t feel this way, it has been over 7 years since CHR had moved into its first, modest, three-person office in Cambridge in January 2015. By October…


Q1 Townhall & New Years Event

28 April, 2022

We were thrilled to bring many of the team together for our Q1 Townhall in March. The event was hosted near our London office and saw members of the Senior Management Group, the CEO and the Founding Partners provide updates to the team on their departments, future goals and so much more. The team…


Beyond Diapers & Milk Bottles: One Mothers’ Return-to-Work Journey

30 March, 2022

As we celebrated Women’s History Month this March 2022, I have had the opportunity to reflect in awe about the trailblazing, ground-breaking, and profound achievements women and girls have accomplished to improve our well-being, culture, and society as a whole. What inspires me the most is that s…


The Return to In-Person Conferences at CHR

07 February, 2022

The return to in-person conferences has been eagerly anticipated by many CHR consultants. With our new travel system being launched in February, the team were set up, ready and raring to attend many a conference throughout the coming months. It had been two years since Team CHR had been able to…


Launch of the Employee Forum

20 January, 2022

The virtual world left many a gap in the workplace, including that of water cooler chats, impromptu meetings, and the ability to breakdown hierarchical structures with management having an office presence. With a significant part of CHR’s growth taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic, this p…


CHR for Society yearly round up

23 December, 2021

What a year 2021 has been. Through the on-going pandemic, more lockdowns, working from home, then in the office, then from home, CHR for Society is incredibly proud of what the team have achieved through our CSR initiatives. This year, we have already planted 1,334 trees, as we continue to…


CHR donates Laptops to Charity

22 November, 2021

Our teams work hard to help clients bring the best new treatments to market, so they deserve the best tools to do it! It was CHR’s great pleasure to be able to provide our staff with new laptops this year. However, it was an even greater pleasure to be able to then donate all our old laptops to t…


CHR Summer Event - Together At Last!

04 October, 2021

The CHR Summer Event took place on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd of September 2021. It was an opportunity for our team to come together after a long and difficult time, like all companies, working mostly from home and virtually with one another. Given the company’s growth during the many lockdowns, i…


Matteo Perucchini Appointed CEO of Cambridge Healthcare Research

22 September, 2021

The Board of Cambridge Healthcare Research (CHR) and its market research division Vox.Bio has appointed co-founder and director, Matteo Perucchini, as CEO. Having won the Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2020, the appointment comes on the back of the company's exceptional performance over the course…


The CHR 2021 Value Award Winners

15 September, 2021

Every year, we take time to recognise five of our colleagues who exemplify the values intrinsic to our work here at CHR. At our recent Summer Event, we awarded the following recipients the CHR 2021 Value Awards: Tom Charlton – Quality Chrystalla Constantinou – Curiosity Maria Zygouropolou – Colla…


CHR Summer Event to take place

24 August, 2021

In just a week’s time, CHR staff will all be gathering for the first time in what has been a very long time apart. Not only will this be the first company event since the beginning of the pandemic, but also the first time many of us will be meeting in person. We are very excited to be celebrating a…


CHR joins the Global Compact Network UK

12 July, 2021

For CHR, the success of our application to the UN Global Compact Network is an important, positive step forward in our mission to establish sustainability with the international efforts of this valued global platform. The United Nations Global Compact is a global platform network that allows…


Cambridge Healthcare Research team to run 2021 Virtual Half Marathon

30 June, 2021

We are very excited that on the 27th September this year, the Cambridge Healthcare Research team will undertake its 2021 Virtual Half Marathon again. Thirty members of CHR will run a 13.1 mile course virtually to raise money for charities MIND, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Level Water.…


CHR Welcomes Rich McLean As New Head of Operations

17 May, 2021

We are very happy to announce the new appointment of Rich McLean as Head of Operations for CHR. Rich joins CHR and our Market Research Division, Vox.Bio, offering his vast amount of experience in operations leadership from his time at Amazon as Head of European Operations and Global Strategic…


The Queen's Award - One Year On

21 April, 2021

We have taken the time to reflect on this past year, and what it has meant to us as a company, to have been recognised and honoured with the International Trade Award, which forms part of the nationally acclaimed and prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2020. We are filled with gratitude and p…


CHR for Society shares new logo and branding, making a more impactful presence with their Corporate Social Responsibility framework

31 March, 2021

Our CSR team is very happy to announce the launch of new branding to accompany our recently shared new name; CHR for Society. We are so excited for all of these new steps this year, adding to our Corporate Social Responsibility framework as we strengthen and grow in 2021, highlighting the four key…


CHR welcomes Steve Scott as new Head of Finance

30 March, 2021

We are very happy to announce the new appointment of Steve Scott as Head of Finance for CHR. Steve joins CHR and our Market Research Division, Vox.Bio after his return to the UK from the US where he was for the last eight years and most recently was Financial Controller with McCarthy Law, plc in…


CHR’s Corporate Social Responsibility team announces new name ahead of rebranding

25 February, 2021

CHR for Society – making an impact to society with our Corporate Social Responsibility framework Our CSR team is excited to announce that we will soon be launching our new branding to accompany our new name, CHR for Society. Following on from the launching of our webpage last month, we are excited f…


One year after the launch of the Corporate Social Responsibility framework, CHR’s sustainability webpage goes live

27 January, 2021

The 2021 CSR Committee share their thoughts on next steps a year on Admittedly, 2020 has not been an easy or exciting year by any means. But, even in all the adversity, great things have happened at CHR. Among them was the launch of CHR’s very own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Framework, d…


Mentoring Awareness Month

05 January, 2021

As January 2021 is Mentoring Awareness Month, Tom Charlton (Senior Associate) and Simon Vanstone (Consultant), two members of CHR’s training and onboarding working group, wrote this short piece about mentoring and training at CHR. From what an associate can expect on their first day through to the m…


CHR are thrilled to win a Queen's Award in 2020

10 December, 2020

Since the start of our “CHR journey”, our diverse, talented and dynamic team has been the driving force behind our growth and success. This has been recognised, in this toughest of years, with the International Trade Award which forms part of the nationally acclaimed and prestigious Queen’s Awards for E…


Working during a pandemic, finding a new normal…Luke

25 November, 2020

It’s the final blog of the COVID series as we reach out to Luke, one of CHR’s Consultants. What is your role at CHR, how long have you been with the firm and what did you do before you joined CHR? “I joined the company in February 2018 as an associate and have now progressed to a Consultant role. Befor…


Working during a pandemic, finding a new normal…Ashley

18 November, 2020

In part two of our COVID blog series we reach out to Ashley, CHR’s Operations Coordinator. Who was at the forefront of ensuring CHR’s seamless transition to working virtually as the coronavirus pandemic took hold. What is your role at CHR, how long have you been with the firm and what did you do bef…


Working during a pandemic, finding a new normal…Delyan

13 November, 2020

With time flying it’s easy to forget that our CHR employees have been working from home now for seven months. For the most, this was a huge change to their daily working lifestyle and with CHR being busier than ever, it was important to ensure they felt comfortable and supported during this t…


CHR Welcomes New HR Director Lydia Seymour

12 November, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Lydia Seymour has been appointed our new HR Director. Lydia brings to the group two decades of experience in leadership development and talent management on a global scale. Commenting on the appointment, Chris, CEO said, “At CHR, our success is rooted in the q…


Working Virtually, my new Job at CHR...six months in

26 October, 2020

As CHR continues to grow during the COVID 19 Pandemic and has been able to continue recruiting during this difficult time, one of it’s new recruits, Justine, shares her insight into starting a new job virtually and what it looks like six months down the line! During COVID-19, I went through CHR’s int…


PhD to Consulting

12 October, 2020

On the 25th September, we had the great pleasure to present at and sponsor the PhD to Consulting Event and interact with ambitious students who are looking to make the jump from the lab bench into the consulting world. While normally we would be spending hours on end at our onsite booth at Imperial…


World Mental Health Day at CHR

09 October, 2020

This World Mental Health day, CHR have looked back over the last seven months and reflected on how lockdown and this pandemic has affected mental health and what can be done to help those who may be struggling to adapt to this new way of life. COVID-19 has generated a lot of changes to the life…


CHR laughed, dressed up and travelled around the world, virtually!

05 October, 2020

2020 has been the year of embracing change and all things virtual! COVID-19 did not stop CHR from getting together virtually and celebrate, in our traditional summer event, the success, growth, and amazing work of our team. To make this virtual event a reality, CHR teamed up with ‘RockitFish’ who hos…


CHR Values Award 2020

25 September, 2020

At the core of our company lie our values: Quality, Passion, Resilience, Collaboration, and Curiosity. They are the tightly woven threads that form the fabric of the CHR culture, vision and offering. It is our values that help us build and maintain relationships of trust internally as a team and…


Continued Commitment to Social Impact

04 September, 2020

Undeniably, 2020 has thus far been a whirlwind of a year, to say the least; wanting to see a silver lining, there could not have been a better time to officially launch our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to Care for, Help and Reach the individuals around us as well as the wider society.…


Moving Miles for Forests Launch

29 July, 2020

At CHR, we believe in taking responsibility for the environmental impact of our work and have recently launched our CHR for Nature initiative to help both the environment and society. We have partnered with several rewilding initiatives and plant trees for certain aspects of our work that increase…


Clear out your Closet - Combating Clothing Poverty in the UK

20 July, 2020

In the UK, thousands of people have very little or nothing to wear; yet, clothing poverty goes undocumented and unreported. All the while, devastating impact is felt by children and adults, alike. In many cases, students are avoiding school for fear of being bullied over their worn-out clothes.…


CHR Welcomes New Finance & Operations Director John Arthur

29 June, 2020

We are delighted to announce that John Arthur has been appointed our new Finance & Operations Director. John joins CHR from Clarion Interpreting, where he managed and developed the financial, operational and service-delivery teams and activities. John, a fellow of the ACCA since 2003, began…


CHR for Nature Launch

05 June, 2020

Earlier this year, we at CHR launched our Corporate Social Responsibility framework with the goal of empowering individuals and society through our four fundamental pillars: Health, Education, Environment, and Equality. Our aim for the environmental pillar is to lessen our ecological footprint and…


How CHR is maintaining & developing it's social culture under COVID

04 June, 2020

CHR has always had a flexible work policy, with several of our consultants working remotely across the globe, and team members often working from home for additional weeks when visiting family. We have an office in both Cambridge and London with teams split across the two sites, so we are all very…


MPhil in Therapeutics Sciences at the University of Cambridge

28 May, 2020

Before the lockdown, a senior team from CHR, comprising of Matteo Perucchini (Partner), Chris Stevenson (CEO), Chris Reynolds (Principal), and Brendan Walkden (Principal) delivered an intensive 2 day workshop to the 18 students of the MPhil in Therapeutic Sciences at the University of Cambridge. …


CHR Announces Appointment of New CEO Chris Stevenson

20 May, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Chris Stevenson as chief executive officer. Chris transitions to this new role from his position on the board as a non-executive director. Chris’ experience in change management and implementation spans periods leading organisations, reinvigorating d…


CHR Wins Prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise 2020

27 April, 2020

We are honoured and thrilled to announce that we have received the 2020 Queen's Award for International Trade. We recognise that this is a prestigious award for UK businesses and we are very proud to have received it. Business with our overseas global pharma and biotech clients has been the main…


Joining CHR from home quarantine

20 April, 2020

As CHR continues to grow and recruit during this difficult time, one of it’s newest employees Maria shares her insight into starting a new job virtually! Working from home wasn’t at all how I had imagined starting my new job at CHR, but since my job move coincided with the coronavirus pandemic and…


Meet the Team - Virtually!

06 April, 2020

On the 2nd of April, we hosted our first virtual Meet the Team (MTT) event. To coincide with each Associate Consultant recruitment round we host a MTT event to give future applicants an insight of what life is like at CHR before applying. Our previous events consisted of applicants meeting a…


We are working from home

23 March, 2020

With the well-being of our staff in mind we have taken the difficult decision to close our Cambridge and London offices. Our team will now all be working from home until it is safe for us to re-open. In these challenging times our thoughts are for the well-being of our staff, clients and their…


KCL Careers Event - Careers in Life Science Consulting (Webinar)

17 March, 2020

With an increasingly competitive job market in academia for STEM PhDs, graduates are leveraging their skills toward alternative careers such as consulting. CHR associates, Ahmed and Raymond, shared their journey from academia to consulting by taking part in a webinar ‘Careers in Life Science C…


UCL Careers Event - Life Science Industry Week (Workshop)

12 March, 2020

On the 11th March, an experienced team of our consultants delivered an experiential workshop on Strategy Consulting in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare to over 100 students as part of UCL’s Careers in the Life Science Industry Week. During the workshop we explored a real-life case study on the h…


Cambridge Half Marathon

09 March, 2020

On Sunday 8th March 2020, 16 members of CHR took part in Cambridge’s annual Half Marathon, sponsored by Saucony. The day was a testament to human endurance as eleven thousand plus runners left Midsummer Common and went on an epic 13 mile run around Cambridgeshire. Winding through the streets of C…


CHR's Generics, Biosimilars & Hospital Team Celebrate a busy Q4!

03 February, 2020

In Q4 2019, CHR’s Generics, Biosimilars and Hospitals teams celebrated the work they have conducted over the quarter and raised a well-deserved glass for an even busier and exciting 2020 to come! It is no secret that consulting is hard work and can require long hours. But after we emerge from busy t…


We are MHFA Qualified

29 January, 2020

Every day, we’re all being faced with challenges. Understandably, in any business community there’s a heightened sense of worry and anxiety with many factors of life that people face. An understanding of Mental Health in the workplace is a crucial element of us supporting our staff and our staff fee…


Our Commitment to Care, Help, Reach

22 January, 2020

At CHR, we are committed to creating a sustainable future for ourselves, our clients and our communities. To reflect and formalise this commitment, we have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility framework that reflects our values and our ambition to empower individuals and society through our…


No one should have no one at Christmas

23 December, 2019

Loneliness is a subjective feeling and, if persistent, can have a significant negative impact on well-being and quality of life. The Campaign to End Loneliness state that 9% of older people report that they feel cut off from society, whilst 7% of people aged 50+ living in England (equating to…


‘tis the Season for Giving

20 December, 2019

With only a few days left until Christmas, CHR would like to wish happy holidays to all our clients, colleagues, friends and followers, who have contributed to making this year so special. 2019 has been our best year yet and a heartfelt thank you goes to our broad Operations and Consulting Teams,…


Christmas & New Year Celebrations at CHR & Vox.Bio

16 December, 2019

CHR are recovering from quite a party! CHR’s Operations team organised a proper party for the team to celebrate a successful but very busy 2019. Held on Level 69 of The Shard, the team arrived to a roped off, private section, filled with flowers in the company’s colours, deep red, blue and of cou…


We have launched our new London Office!

01 November, 2019

In January 2018, we opened our first London office, this was a significant step in our growth as we expanded out of our Cambridge headquarters. We took on a modest office on Cheapside, with the ambition to grow into the space, which we did very quickly! 18 months later, we are proud of our growth…


Halloween at CHR

31 October, 2019

Halloween was a fun occasion across the Cambridge and London offices this year! Trick or treat sweets were laid out for the team to indulge in and meant a well-deserved day off from CHR’s usual healthy only snack stash! Lots of spooky and bright Halloween decorations covered both our offices to get t…


Wellness at Work

20 September, 2019

Looking after our employees at CHR is possibly one of the most important values we have. That’s why CHR has several initiatives in place to ensure that each of our employees feel well looked after and supported during their career with us. The team spend a large portion of their week in our o…


CHR's Diverse & Talented Team

22 August, 2019

We are very proud of our amazing team here at CHR and how the range of nationalities in our company helps us to better understand our clients’ markets. Our Consultants are based across three continents and speak 19 different languages between them! Business with our overseas global pharma and b…


Chris Stevens appointed to Board at Cambridge Healthcare Research

21 August, 2019

Life sciences and healthcare consultancy Cambridge Healthcare Research (CHR) strengthens its strategic focus with the appointment of former Johnson and Johnson, Cello Health and Thompson Reuters President, Chris Stevenson to the board. Now working at global strategic marketing consultancy Osprey…


Celebrating Five Years

30 July, 2019

As we reach this milestone, we thought it was a great time to reflect on the five things we are most proud of achieving in the last five years: Our Clients: we have become the go to, trusted supplier for some of the biggest pharma companies in the world Our People: we have grown from a team of…


CHR Appoints Former Pfizer Director Marjorie Norman to Board as Strategic Adviser

19 June, 2019

Life sciences and healthcare consultancy Cambridge Healthcare Research (CHR) is expanding its team of strategic advisers with the appointment of former Pfizer director Marjorie Norman to the board. Marjorie recently retired from the global pharmaceutical giant after 17 years as director of…


CHR Appoints Stella Wooder to Board as Strategic Adviser

30 April, 2019

Cambridge-based life sciences and healthcare consultancy Cambridge Healthcare Research (CHR) has announced the appointment of Stella Wooder as a strategic adviser as it embarks on a new phase of growth. Stella brings to the role more than 25 years' experience of healthcare and technology…


Laura Lawrence, Formerly of Goldman Sachs International, Appointed Head of Operations at CHR

31 January, 2019

Cambridge Healthcare Research (CHR) has expanded its operations team with the appointment of Laura Lawrence as head of operations. Laura joins CHR from Goldman Sachs after two decades in the investment banking industry. She brings with her a wealth of experience in change management, operational…