Earlier this year, we at CHR launched our Corporate Social Responsibility framework with the goal of empowering individuals and society through our four fundamental pillars: Health, Education, Environment, and Equality. Our aim for the environmental pillar is to lessen our ecological footprint and help the environment and society by:

  • Leveraging our voice to raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Identifying our environmental impact, reducing and offsetting it
  • Considering the environmental impact of our future business decisions
  • Helping others to achieve their environmentally conscious goals

We understand how the environmental impact of our work presents a challenge to our values. Our team travels across the globe to attend conferences which contributes to our carbon footprint. Furthermore, our offices have their own ecological footprint from energy usage to the waste we produce, including our teams’ daily commutes. These increased emissions are exacerbating climate change, and the resultant air pollution negatively impacts people’s health and harms ecosystems.

We believe that to empower individuals we need to invest in their future and our efforts to mitigate environmental degradation and climate change are crucial to accomplishing this. Today we are unveiling CHR for Nature, our rewilding partnership initiative to help tackle both climate change and environmental degradation. We are taking responsibility for our work by planting trees not just for ourselves but on behalf of our partners, clients, and team members:

  • We plant one tree for every flight taken by a CHR team member as air travel remains one the largest sources of carbon emissions as a direct consequence of our work
  • We plant ten trees for each project finalized, sending certificates to our clients to show the positive impact of their collaboration with CHR
  • We plant one tree for each new client relationship to help highlight the work of rewilding schemes and hopefully encourage others to participate
  • We plant one tree for each candidate that makes it to our final recruitment round to reflect the growth of our team

Forests are among the most important carbon sinks, and deforestation both reduces their capacity to remove atmospheric carbon dioxide and causes 15% of all carbon emissions. One mature tree can absorb on average one ton of carbon dioxide and planting them in a self-sustaining ecosystem is crucial to creating lasting changes. Forests also provide a habitat for many animal and plant species and their degradation is in part why 56% of species are in decline in the UK. Therefore, rewilding schemes are one of the best tools for tackling climate change, supporting biodiversity, and improving air quality. To that end we have currently partnered with two organizations, Trees for Life and the National Forest Foundation .

  • Trees for Life is a charity that has established a forest restoration programme on the Dundreggan Conservation Estate in the Scottish Caledonian Forest, and to date have planted nearly 2 million trees across 44 tree planting sites
  • The National Forest Foundation is a non-profit organization chartered by the US government to restore and enhance national forests and grasslands across the US. It covers over 193 million acres of wildlands and aims to plant over 50 million trees to help replenish at risk forests

Thanks to our rewilding partners, the work of our team, and the support from our clients, we have been able to plant over 1500 trees and the forests we help to support and grow will be part of our company legacy. CHR for Nature is just the beginning of our mission and we will continue to expand our environmental initiatives in the future to help empower individuals and society.

We always look to expand the scope of our rewilding initiatives and find new opportunities to both celebrate the work we do and preserve the environment. If you want to learn more or collaborate with us, please get in touch at giving@camhcr.com