For CHR, the success of our application to the UN Global Compact Network is an important, positive step forward in our mission to establish sustainability with the international efforts of this valued global platform.

The United Nations Global Compact is a global platform network that allows business and non-business entities to connect and interact in matters of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. This aligns perfectly with CHR’s corporate social responsibility committee mission and is why we sought to join.

Our involvement with a network such as this will enable CHR to participate in events and initiatives that speak to our internal values around education, equality and support for the environment as well as health and wellbeing. CHR is committed to making a robust impact with our societal efforts and joining the UN Global Compact Network will be vital to the success of those.

We asked a few colleagues what being part of this network means to them:

It is very exciting to see CHR become part of the UN Global Compact Network, which cements CHR’s mission to make an impact beyond everyday work, driving positive social and environmental change. Over the years, every individual at CHR has shown great commitment to endorsing sustainable practices. Our CHR for Society team, in particular, has been the driving force for implementing several of our great initiatives such as CHR for Nature, Mind & Body scheme, and more recently taking part in Fill it Forward. As CHR grows, being aligned with the UN SDG will ensure that our future initiatives, activities, and policies are contributing to a broader global effort – Jacky Kourieh, Senior Manager

At CHR we have always had a strong sense of the wider community we are involved with, whether this is our local communities around where we live, or the greater global community. We are very active in supporting local initiatives such as Help the Aged and MacMillan, and global programmes such as Fill it Forward, where our individual members of staff can make a difference to the provision of fresh water in places where this basic necessity is unavailable. Our recent signing of the UN Global Compact Network is a sign of our commitment to become Net Zero and that we are making every effort to address the impact we have on the environment such as through travel. We are proud to support this initiative from the UN, perhaps more importantly we are committed to making a difference and to being a leader in our field at sustainability. We will continue to support various tree planting and re-forestation projects through our Moving Miles For Forests programme and will expand our efforts to reduce our impact further through innovative means that involve the people of CHR – Chris Stevenson, CEO

And the CHR for Society committee themselves commented:

Joining the UNGC network represents a key milestone in our journey to formalise CHR’s commitment to sustainability and align our CSR efforts to an international standard. We are very excited about our participation and look forward to leveraging all the tools and support of the network as well as collaborating with like-minded companies!