2020 has been the year of embracing change and all things virtual! COVID-19 did not stop CHR from getting together virtually and celebrate, in our traditional summer event, the success, growth, and amazing work of our team.

To make this virtual event a reality, CHR teamed up with ‘RockitFish’ who hosted a ‘Race Around the World’ virtual challenge. With 14 teams in total the competition was on, each team had their allocated ‘Explorer’ and had to try and get across the globe before time ran out! Each team worked together to complete this three-levelled challenge and had to answer many questions and photo challenges in a bid to win the maximum amount of points available.

Team spirit was high and maximum energy was generated by the RockitFish representatives, always there to help and keep the momentum going! The pressure was high, but it was a great way to see the team members work together, collaborate, communicate, and plan! After what was an intense ‘Race Around the World’, there had to be a winning team; congratulations to Patrick, Jayeta, Marc, and Brendan who won with a whopping 4,869 points!

This year’s virtual event was concluded with the 2020 CHR Values Awards. These were presented to the team by CHR’s Senior Management Group who were incredibly delighted to recognise a few ambassadors who truly set the standard for each of our Values. To read more about the CHR Values Awards and the winners,click here.

The team had such an entertaining, interactive, and rewarding afternoon filled with brilliant memories. It was a well-deserved event for the team, to recognise all the hard work they do despite the challenges we have all faced this year during the pandemic.

We cannot wait to get together again in person, but for now, we are enjoying finding new ways to collaborate and reward our incredible and ever-growing team.