In just a week’s time, CHR staff will all be gathering for the first time in what has been a very long time apart.

Not only will this be the first company event since the beginning of the pandemic, but also the first time many of us will be meeting in person. We are very excited to be celebrating and enjoying some CHR team spirit after such a protracted period.

Throughout the course of the last eighteen months, CHR has continued to grow in size and structure. Founding partner and CEO Matteo Perucchini offered his thoughts on what it means to him for this event to finally be taking place:

“The pandemic has turned our personal lives and working worlds upside down. For the first time in 18 months, we have the opportunity to come together and reflect on this time apart, meet many of our colleagues in person for the first time, and celebrate all our incredible growth and achievements during these challenging times. It will also be the perfect platform to unveil our vision for the future of CHR. We have some ambitious and extremely exciting plans for our company but most importantly we have an amazing team of passionate, dedicated and ambitious individuals and I cannot wait to work with them to build the future of CHR.”

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, CHR for Society, offered their thoughts on the event as well:

“CHR for Society is excited for the summer event and the opportunity to meet so many of our colleagues for the first time! In addition to a fundraising raffle, we hope to have engaging conversations and some suggestions on how we can keep evolving our social impact as a company.”

Operations Manager Alexandra Goodchild, who has organised the event and been with CHR for the past two years, reflected on the significance of the event for her and all her colleagues at CHR:

“This event holds much more than just the coming together of colleagues, it feels like the beginning of a new chapter for CHR. It is a celebration that our colleagues deserve more than anything after the last year, but also to celebrate just how amazing they have been and get to know all the new faces that have joined us. We hope this event will be fun and insightful and will showcase all the company values we hold so dearly to us at CHR.”

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