Halloween was a fun occasion across the Cambridge and London offices this year! Trick or treat sweets were laid out for the team to indulge in and meant a well-deserved day off from CHR’s usual healthy only snack stash! Lots of spooky and bright Halloween decorations covered both our offices to get the teams into the spooky Halloween spirit!

Then, in very appropriate ‘Halloween’ themed teams we started to carve the pumpkins! All teams were given the same equipment, and an hour to design, hollow out and carve their pumpkins. It was certainly competitive and taken very seriously by all!

The pumpkin designs were judged by some of team members who work remotely. The designs were certainly ambitious, from bats to witches, scary words to skeletons and so many other intricate and impressive designs it was hard for our virtual workers to judge!

The winning team was ‘HALLO-WEENIES’ who won the main prize with an amazing Bat design. Each winner received a cuddly bat toy, and a CHR donation was made to the Bat Conservation Trust, an amazing organisation working to protect bats and their habitats. What could be more apt than supporting this charity over Halloween!

Another fun and Spooktacular day at CHR for our team!