From 3, to 30, to 300?! All in good time…

It’s been a busy May and we can’t help but reflect on just how exciting it has been. Although it certainly doesn’t feel this way, it has been over 7 years since CHR had moved into its first, modest, three-person office in Cambridge in January 2015. By October 2018 we expanded into London, with an office in Cheapside with 10 full time employees. After only 18 months, we were moving again, into a larger office in Shoreditch, with 30 employees.

Our Shoreditch office had everything we needed for the rapid growth of the business, however just not quite enough for what would come next! We enjoyed our new office for no more than five months before the first wave of COVID hit and everyone started working from home. Since then, the office was opened intermittently to keep the team safe, before fully reopening at the beginning of this year. By the time the team returned, we had gone from 30 to 70 consultants in London, and despite the hybrid working model, knew we needed to give the team more space and consider CHR’s future growth!

We are delighted to have got the keys for our new Shoreditch office, which is more than 3 times the size of our old one, and literally round the corner from it. Our Operations team are working closely with an office fitout company to create a highly collaborative, inviting, dynamic and culturally reflective space for our deserving team. Our new 9,000sq ft are made up for four units, with each unit offering the team something different.

Our people are at the forefront of everything we do, so we are ensuring that the spaces reflect what they would like and work best in. Therefore, a Relocation Working Group was formed of members throughout the company, so they can input on the designs, ideas and approaches that will be taken. We can’t wait to launch the new space and see its impact on the growth and future of the company.
The rapid growth of our team is a testament to the high quality, client-focused work we deliver. Our consultants and research executives truly embody our values of collaboration and curiosity, going beyond the brief to deliver lasting value to our clients. Our new, larger space has been designed to provide even more opportunities for our team to collaborate.

As our team grows, so too do our areas of expertise. Beyond our market-leading capabilities in competitive and product strategy, our consulting team has significant experience in marketing, communications, market research and market access.

We are committed to building a company for the future, and with this commitment comes social and environmental responsibility. Directed by our CHR for Society committee, we are inspired by donating our time and expertise, as well as financial support to local charities, associations, and patient groups.

We look forward to incorporating this and our sustainability efforts into our new workspace, creating a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to day-to-day working.