Undeniably, 2020 has thus far been a whirlwind of a year, to say the least; wanting to see a silver lining, there could not have been a better time to officially launch our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to Care for, Help and Reach the individuals around us as well as the wider society.

We as CHR’s Charity Committee have conducted several great activities over the past few months, empowering better Health, promoting Education, protecting the Environment, and encouraging Equality & Inclusion. Of course, none of what we have achieved would have been possible without the continuous support of the broader CHR team, who was keen to share their sense of welfare, and demonstrated a strong desire to help the local and international communities. Some of our most successful initiatives reflect the wide-ranging passions that CHR employees have, to mention a few: in the Cambridge Half Marathon our team ran for three great charities; as part of Gift Wrapping for Age UK we were delighted to personalise cards and gifts that helped the elderly feel included and cared for; and through our CHR for Nature initiative we continue to work towards offsetting part of our carbon footprint.

When the world moved into its current virtual state due to the global pandemic, we worked diligently to maintain the sense of community and team within the company through holding mindfulness sessions to help the team through the lock-down, arranging virtual pub quizzes to foster fun learning, launching Moving Miles for Forests which encourages our team to exercise as a way to support rewilding schemes, as well as joining the fight against COVID-19 by supporting, through donations, the healthcare systems in both the UK and Italy.

But this is only the beginning; and just as CHR continues to grow so does our social commitment whereby we aspire to build on the terrific work that has been done in 2020.

As Q3 draws to a close, the time has come for us as the Committee currently in charge to wave goodbye and pass the torch on to some of our highly motivated and eager to help colleagues. While selecting the members for the 2021 tenure from several compelling applications has been an incredibly difficult challenge, a decision has now been made. Today, on the International Day of Charity, we would like to announce the new committee and congratulate our colleagues: Maria Weber, Maria Zygouropoulou, Rakshindh Sekhon, and Rui Li who will be driving CHR’s social efforts forward in 2021.

I’m very excited for this new CHR adventure, alongside a great team and with the help of an awesome ex-Committee! I hope we can expand on the inspiring work already done and look forward to setting up engaging initiatives, in line with our CSR commitment as a company.

I’m very excited to become a member of CHR’s CSR committee and begin my journey with such an excellent team! I look really forward to working with the current committee, our new committee and everyone at CHR to build on the brilliant work achieved by the current committee and continue making impacts on our society as part of CHR.

We look forward to the great work that the new committee will do to expand on our current activities and initiatives.

If you or someone you know would like to work with CHR on specific causes, do get in touch with us at giving@camhcr.com.