At CHR, we are committed to creating a sustainable future for ourselves, our clients and our communities. To reflect and formalise this commitment, we have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility framework that reflects our values and our ambition to empower individuals and society through our four fundamental pillars: Health, Education, Environment and Equality.

• Health: Because we love the work we do as a healthcare consulting firm and are passionate about influencing positive change to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all
• Education: Because we believe that seeking knowledge and excellence is the path for unlocking value in ourselves and in others, leading to a fairer and empowered society
• Environment: Because our planet is our home, we are committed to doing our part to protect, restore and promote environmental sustainability from inside our organization out to the community
• Equality: Because we value our team’s diversity and believe our strength is built from unique individuals overcoming their stories; we strive to promote equal opportunities for all

The ethos of our Corporate Social Responsibility is to ‘Care for, Help and Reach’ through backing and promoting smaller charities across the UK who strive to address unmet needs aligned with our pillars. To that aim, we are continuously growing our portfolio of supported charities to reverberate their causes and spread their messages.

If ‘giving’ is in CHR’s blood, then this is only because CHR’s purpose-driven team is its beating heart. As such, in addition to our portfolio of charities, we are keen to endorse initiatives and organizations that the team members are passionate about in order to propagate the cycle of giving. As a first step in this direction, we have implemented a ‘perfect match’ scheme to match team members’ yearly donations.

Moving forward in 2020, we aim to build on, and expand, many of the schemes that we have initiated in past months and years to echo CHR’s commitment to our four fundamental pillars:

• To begin with, our pride in the diversity of our team will continue through sponsoring visas for international talent to join and complement our growing CHR family (Equality)
• Our journey for increased sustainability starts with Ecotricity for green energy in our office and continues with the ‘CHR for Nature’ scheme which aims to decrease our carbon footprint by planting trees through reforesting organisations for every flight taken by a CHR team member for business travel (more details to follow) (Environment)
• We have translated our passion for promoting equal opportunity for education via a studentship grant to the MPhil in Therapeutic Sciences at the University of Cambridge (Education)
• Ensuring the physical and mental health of our team through monthly fitness allowance and mental health first aid training is at the core of our strength, and the beacon from which we will drive improvement to the health of our society (Health)

Stay tuned for fundraising activities and events that CHR will organise throughout 2020, because together we can make a difference…

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