On the 25th September, we had the great pleasure to present at and sponsor the PhD to Consulting Event and interact with ambitious students who are looking to make the jump from the lab bench into the consulting world. While normally we would be spending hours on end at our onsite booth at Imperial College, enjoying thought provoking discussions with students in person, this year the creativity of the PhD to Consulting team ensured that even if things had to go virtual, the experience remained as fun and engaging as always.

From CHR, Marco, Diana and Jacky all gave an overview of their personal journeys from PhD into CHR to highlight learnings and tips that will help students make the move into consulting, with some members of the presenting team once approaching CHR at the event in previous years. Specifically, they showcased how some transferrable skills gained from the PhD could be well-suited for a career in consulting, and gave the students advice on how to navigate the recruitment process of CHR. In addition, the talk also touched on the support that CHR is giving to new joiners who are having to onboard remotely due to Covid, and the way that the company is maintaining its culture despite the WFH situation.

We were very pleased to see many interested students join us for the networking session later in order to ask about CHR and get more information about opportunities to join our team. CHR had pledged to plant a tree for every question asked through its CHR for Nature scheme, and indeed many great questions were asked, 46 to be exact and the trees will soon be planted accordingly.

To learn more about CHR and whether you would like to join our team, register for our Meet the Team Event on the 29th of Oct on our website, and we will be very happy to answer all your questions.