We were thrilled to bring many of the team together for our Q1 Townhall in March. The event was hosted near our London office and saw members of the Senior Management Group, the CEO and the Founding Partners provide updates to the team on their departments, future goals and so much more. The team chatted, collaborated, provided feedback and of course, asked questions. Due to COVID, our New Year’s Event had been postponed, so we were delighted to be able to host it after the Townhall and give our colleagues the chance to let their hair down and catch up with each other.

Chief of Staff, Rhianne Benger said; “We were lucky enough to be able to bring our people together at the end of Q1 this year in a Townhall to celebrate team successes, share business updates and enjoy each other’s company over a cup of coffee. It was perhaps the latter, and the chance to swap stories of upcoming holidays, family celebrations and spontaneous after work drinks that truly brought home how the day job isn’t just the ‘job’, and what really brings us fully to work is the people that show up with us and allow us to be our most authentic selves.
The icing on the cake was the opportunity for staff to go on to an evening event, our belated social, that had been rolled by pandemic restrictions from Christmas to New Year, and finally found its place safely at the end of our first quarter. In some ways, it felt like it arrived perfectly on time, at a moment where everyone could reflect on the achievements of not only 2022 so far, but also the past two years and the journey everyone had gone on whilst continuing to deliver to our clients and supporting their colleagues. At the heart of CHR are our people, and they are a measure of our integrity, growth and success – our Townhall allows us to remind everyone of those achievements, let their voices be heard and show our gratitude by finally being able to say thank you in person.”

Operations Coordinator Ashley Sutton who organised the belated New Year’s Event commented “What a fantastic (belated) New Year Celebration! To commemorate another successful year in the bag and the beginning of 2022, the CHR Team gathered at Patch St Pauls, in the heart of London, to celebrate all their hard work the right way. The night was awash with champagne receptions, table-top party games and a bustling dance floor to close out the night.
It was great to see most of the team together in a vibrant social setting and the photographs taken really spoke volumes to how much the team enjoyed the evening together. We are all looking forward to another great year and other opportunities for us all to celebrate our collective successes.”

We very much look forward to hosting our next Townhall and continuing to bring our team together for events throughout this year, Matteo Perucchini, CEO commented on how important these are to the team culture; “It’s always wonderful to come together and celebrate the achievements and successes of our team. As a company we thrive on teamwork, personal connections, and strong camaraderie; they fuel our creativity and team spirit and are key to our culture. Events like this are vital to ensure that we continue to grow as a team and strengthen who we are as a business. I look forward to many more of these events in 2022 as we continue to look for new ways to bring the team together and continue the growth and success of our business.”