Every year, we take time to recognise five of our colleagues who exemplify the values intrinsic to our work here at CHR.

At our recent Summer Event, we awarded the following recipients the CHR 2021 Value Awards:

Tom Charlton – Quality

Chrystalla Constantinou – Curiosity

Maria Zygouropolou – Collaboration

Rakshindh Sekhon – Passion

Mark Isbell – Brilliance

Each of the award recipients shared their thoughts on what winning this year’s value awards meant to them personally:

Mark Isbell: ‘Winning the award was an unexpected but very touching surprise and I’m grateful for my effort to be recognized; however, consultants don’t typically work alone on projects and I am no exception. So, whilst incredibly proud, I believe this award says more about the incredible calibre of my CHR colleagues who I have come to work with, depend on, and befriend over the past few years who help deliver brilliance to our clients. This award is as much mine as it is yours and I hope you all recognize it.’

Chrystalla Constantinou: ‘It’s such an honour to receive this award! Where I come from, being curious might not always be considered a positive trait. In our business, finding insightful intel depends on asking the right questions and curiosity is not only valued, but an essential stepping-stone to providing services of the highest quality to our clients. The wonderful people at CHR make my days more enjoyable and they are my motivation to continue, so thank you to everyone for being such a great team.’

Rakshindh Sekhon: ‘After a year or working on stimulating projects accompanied by the infectious enthusiasm of my colleagues, it’s easy to feel passionate about my work here at CHR! I am grateful and appreciative of being recognized for my work with the Passion Value Award and am keen to continue doing the same.’

Tom Charlton: ‘Quality is at the heart of everything we do at CHR, so I’m delighted to have received this award – it’s a huge honour! It’s fantastic to get this recognition as I strive to work at the highest standard, whether it’s supporting our clients or helping with team members’ development. But this doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and, whether I’m leading a project or working as part of a bigger team, I’m incredibly grateful for the talented and dedicated people at CHR who consistently motivate me to deliver the best work possible.’

Maria Zygouropolou: ‘I am very grateful to have received the Collaboration Value Award, especially among like-minded colleagues who champion collaboration at every opportunity. Despite the difficult circumstances of the pandemic, it is through collaboration that we continue to draw from a collective skillset to achieve the best for our clients, while supporting each other’s development every step of the way.’

We want to congratulate the winners and thank them for their excellence in service and supporting our values as we move forward in the next stages of development here at CHR and Vox.Bio!