Since announcing our rebrand in January 2023, we’ve been asked a lot about the central thread which features across all of our brands – The Power of Knowing.

At the heart of all of the divisions across Cambridge Healthcare Research is our brand promise, to give healthcare decision makers the power of knowing. It is a single compelling thread that unite us.

The Power of Knowing‘ underpins every element of our work; it ties everything together. It reflects our commitment to giving our clients an unrivalled awareness of their commercial and clinical landscape, and their opportunity to maximise their impact.

The Power of Knowing‘ matters because our clients’ decisions matter. In life sciences and healthcare, small choices can render lasting change. So, we thoroughly examine every avenue, every audience, and every advantage to ensure that they can move forward with confidence.

The Power of Knowing‘ matters because our people matter. Because we believe in empowering our people with holistic approaches to learning and projects, by creating a culture which embraces their sharing of knowledge and expertise through collaboration and mentoring.

The Power of Knowing‘ matters because it is essential to our growth, and our roadmap. Having a clear direction that we are following, and sharing that with our team and our clients, ensures that there is no room for uncertainty or uneasiness as we grow.

And finally, ‘The Power of Knowing‘ matters because it fuels our decisions, knowing that we are making a positive change in communities and the planet through the work of CHR for Society, and ‘The Power of Knowing‘ were doing the best by our people by continuously questioning and reassessing our policies, and support systems that we have in place.

Today, we’re asking you, what would ‘The Power of Knowing’ mean to you?