We have taken the time to reflect on this past year, and what it has meant to us as a company, to have been recognised and honoured with the International Trade Award, which forms part of the nationally acclaimed and prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2020.

We are filled with gratitude and pride at having won this award, validating the unending dedication of every single one of our colleagues. Their determination, commitment and enthusiasm for our work has allowed us the growth we have seen at CHR, as we continually support our clients.

Speaking to our colleagues about what having won this award has meant to them, by working for a company that has been recognised in this way, we thought it best to let them articulate in their own words how that has felt.

What does it mean to you being part of a Company who has won the Queen’s Award?

Jacky Kourieh, Senior Manager

As the company transitioned from a small team to bigger one, the desire of CHR to have a global impact never wavered. Winning the Queen’s award showcases the passion of every CHR team member to be part of a vision that at its core revolves around achieving excellence.

Chris Stevenson, CEO

The Queens Award provided a great boost to all of us at CHR. it is great to be recognized by such a prestigious body for the work we have done and continue to do. we talk a lot about the quality of the work we do for our clients and it is rewarding to have this confirmed by a body as important as the Queens Award committee

Lydia Seymour, HR Director

Having previously experienced working for two prestigious Queen’s Award winners, I was aware of how widely recognised the Queen’s Award is, as the premier award for business performance in the UK. It quickly became apparent to me on joining CHR, that this accolade is richly deserved, I’m constantly energised by the dedication of our exceptionally talented team to delivering the highest quality work for our international clients.