Looking after our employees at CHR is possibly one of the most important values we have. That’s why CHR has several initiatives in place to ensure that each of our employees feel well looked after and supported during their career with us.

The team spend a large portion of their week in our offices, which is why we have analysed the different types of desk and workspaces to ensure our team is comfortable. There has been significant amount of research, including this 2016 article published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health on the health benefits of standing desks including increased energy levels and reduced risk of shoulder and back pain.

With this research in mind we have now introduced a number of rising hot desks so our team members can stretch their legs, have a change of scenery and be the recipient of some additional health benefits too!

Keeping the team fuelled is equally as important, so both our offices provide healthy and nutritious snacks, as well as plenty of coffee! A year ago, we refreshed the type of snacks we were stocking the office with and moved away from ‘junk’ food to fresh fruit deliveries twice a week, nutritious cereal bars and Quinoa crisps! Of course, chocolate tends to be a must for most of our team, so we provide them with dark chocolate which is a much healthier choice to help address the mid-afternoon slump.

As winter approaches and the Flu season is soon upon us, we have also provided Flu Vaccine Vouchers for the team to use if they so wish. The team are able to go and get this Vaccine at a time that suits them and protect themselves as best they can from catching the Flu this winter.

CHR has several more initiatives to look after it’s employees, from Cycle to Work Schemes, Gym Memberships and even Nintendo Switches in both offices to give them a well-deserved, albeit competitive, break at lunch! We are always open to new ideas and regularly assess and refresh how we can better support our team to be both productive and enjoy coming to work.