Get the power of knowing how to navigate your market with our Pricing & Market Access team. [1]

[1] Whether you’re bringing a new drug to market, optimising your portfolio, assessing payer engagement or looking to enter an emerging market, our team will work with you to develop a value strategy to help optimise your approach. We combine a strategic skill set with unrivalled understanding of healthcare market access to serve exceptional teams in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Our Services

Portfolio Planning & Optimisation

Effective portfolio planning helps ensure the direction you’re heading in is the right one for your business and for the market. Portfolio planning will help you invest in the right assets, technologies or mechanisms. This optimises value creation in your therapeutic category or disease segments mid- to long- term, and ensures that you are considering the needs of your payers, prescribers and the patients they serve. Our holistic view supports you in making the most commercially astute decisions for your organisation.

Landscape Assessment

Exceptional assessment tools and evaluation techniques, coupled to targeted primary research, will help you understand the future treatment paradigms that impact your pricing and access strategies. From pricing dynamics and novel reimbursement models through to the advent of future treatment modalities, we’ll help you navigate reimbursement and access challenges – creating competitive advantages for your most important assets in your most important markets.

Product Profile Evaluation & Payer Engagement

Whether you’re looking for input into future asset development or addressing evidence gaps in critical areas of positioning and messaging, we work with key opinion leaders and expert payers to develop, test and optimise your target product profile and claims. Engaging with the right payers ahead of asset development and life cycle management initiatives can ensure a commercial strategy’s success. This means you can have confidence that your organisation comes to market with a compelling value argument – a crucial attribute to be successful in a competitive market.

Emerging Market Expertise

We are expertly placed to help you maximise your value position and competitive advantage across global and emerging markets, where understanding the local market value assessment protocol is essential.

Why choose Cambridge Healthcare Research for your Pricing & Market Access needs?

CHR has over a decade of experience within the health science and biotech industries. As a business we operate not only across an extensive range of healthcare specialisms but also across different areas of consultancy within the industry. From Solici, our competitive intelligence and strategy division, to Vox.Bio, our market research division, we pool incredible teams and expertise to deliver a truly tailored service. Informing pivotal judgements with critical insights, analysis and interpretations that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, we give organisations the knowledge they need to advance the healthcare industry as we know it.