Giving healthcare decision makers the power of knowing.[1]

[1] At Cambridge Healthcare Research our applied curiosity and considered approach means we’ll quickly become an extension of your expertise. Armed with an unrivalled awareness of your commercial and clinical landscape, as well as your opportunity for impact, we’ll give you the power of knowing.

The power of knowing is extended across Cambridge Healthcare Research’s market research, strategic competitive intelligence and pricing divisions. Learn more about the trusted partners for decision makers in healthcare and life sciences.

Bringing opportunity to light

Solici is the strategic competitive intelligence division of Cambridge Healthcare Research.

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Know that your strategy will succeed

Vox.Bio is the market research division of Cambridge Healthcare Research.

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Optimise your approach to market

Navigate pricing and your healthcare market with our Pricing & Market Access.

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Nurturing your ideas and developing up-and-coming talent to help the brightest ideas reach patients.

The decisions you make matter. Commercial or clinical, small choices can render lasting change. Every avenue, every audience, every advantage needs to be thoroughly examined to ensure you move forward with confidence. We are your second pair of eyes, your ears to the ground, the voices of your patients, and the counsel when you need it most. There is much you already know – we’re here to fill in the parts you don’t.

Ashley Sutton, Operations Coordinator

Ashley Sutton, Operations Coordinator

Advancing healthcare through unrivalled understanding.

We give you the power of knowing not only that your decisions are informed, but that you’re armed with the insights to advance the healthcare industry as we know it.

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Angus Coleman, Associate Director