Strategic Workshops

Scenario and competitor simulation events for planning, alignment or stress-testing

We design tailored workshops using thoughtfully crafted exercises and flow, to balance competitor role-play or scenario-play, with team self-reflection and planning. Our workshops aim at keeping the process as simple as possible while building around your specific needs, project goal and required outputs. Beyond setting a clear baseline and ‘a share view of reality’, the main focus of the workshop is to help teams better understand their environment and think strategically about their own position in the market while providing a forum to identify gaps, develop solutions and plan as a cross-functional group.

Ahead of the workshop, teams are educated and aligned on a set of scenarios or on the competitor landscape through a short and sharp briefing pack, and through a pre-event teleconference to review the pack and run-through the event agenda. This ensures that ‘working time’ is maximized or that we can run a shorter event.

Strategic workshops are a valuable tool which can be utilised to support a brand team to:

  • Devise a forward-looking strategy for product development or launch
  • Think strategically about brand and competitor positioning for operational-planning
  • Prepare the brand team for competitor launch or counter-positioning
  • Generate tactical plans to react and adapt to changes in your market environment
  • Enable cross-functional multi-market teams to align and re-energise
  • Use training tool packages to engage new teams with their competitor environment

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Recent projects

Here are some examples of recent projects we have worked on:

Case study one

The Brief

Consolidating the successful launch of a blockbuster brand, by growing market share and preparing for the launch of a new in-class competitor

The Workshop

We conducted a 100 person two-day workshop with cross functional teams comprising global, regional and country commercial, brand and medical leads.

We designed bespoke exercises for the workshop, with an initial focus on role-playing the key competitor followed by self-reflection exercises to support both global and country level strategy and tactics development, as well as feeding into brand planning.

The Outcome

The workshop created a sense of unity and pride, which prepared the team for the launch of a new competitor. Additionally, the workshop was an opportunity for cross-country learning with brand leads sharing anecdotal experiences of how the competitor had been preparing the market for launch.

Case study two

The Brief

Supporting the launch preparation of a client’s lead asset

The Workshop

Working closely with the Director of Market Insights we developed a strategic competitive workshop where the client team role-played four key competitors.

Detailed workshop briefings were developed and circulated before the workshop to fully onboard the team.

The Outcome

Our client was able to pivot elements of their launch strategy in reaction to their new understanding of their competitive environment. Positive feedback about our workshop facilitation and preparation led to CHR winning their twelve-month monitoring project from their existing vendor.

Six months into the monitoring project, the company received approval for its drug and we were able to support them through their launch phase and into consolidation.

Case study three

The Brief

To build a workshop role-playing three key competitors to support brand planning in rare disease indications

The Workshop

We created a bespoke competitive workshop with 40 members of the global team role-playing three key competitors.

We provided detailed workshop briefings to fully onboard the team with a competitor profile, portfolio, clinical developments and commercial strategies.

The Outcome

The global team came away from the workshop with a clear picture of company positioning, brand plan and strategies to support their indication expansion.

The workshop led to two additional workshops carried out in US and Japan to roll-out the brand plan and a 12-month monitoring project.