Technical Landscapes

Using our expertise to evaluate and analyse your market, product, treatment or therapeutic setting

Technical Landscapes provide a deep understanding of a product class, technology or market, but can also be used to better understand a therapeutic area or treatment setting. This is often the basis of a portfolio, brand or commercial teams’ strategic decision-making around an initiative, opportunity assessment or market work-up.

We utilise a range of tools and analysis to conduct a thorough landscape survey, assessing market dynamics, trends, drivers and barriers. We underpin our exposure, experience and knowledge of product commercialisation in healthcare, with robust and relevant secondary research supplemented with primary insights from key stakeholders and informative case studies.

During the landscape analysis, CHR may conduct the following analysis to inform the implications and output of your project:

  • Product and portfolio mapping of key competitors to identify development status and assess future intent as well as deal/ licensing opportunities

  • Commercial opportunity assessment analysing potential ROI of a project or how a client could successfully enter and compete alongside established players

  • Barrier evaluation of regulatory and manufacturing guidelines to understand impact on market entry and required investment levels

  • Partnership mapping highlighting commercialization and distribution relationships and considerations

  • Sales forecasts building on concrete market, product and competitor assumptions validated through primary research

  • Benchmarking to help build and validate the right TPP (target product profile), differentiation, value proposition or development program


hours spent researching a typical project


number of diagnostic and medical devices profiled

Recent projects

Here are some examples of recent projects we have worked on:

Case study one

The brief

To understand the manufacturing and regulatory challenges surrounding specific complex generics and establish an understanding of potential players in the space

The overview

Comprehensive mapping of the hurdles and barriers to entry in the complex generic space in the US and EU.

Using deep secondary research, around 150 companies were screened in the initial phase of the project, which helped to create an overall competitive landscape for the target products.

The overview

We created a threat-based analysis of the different players to highlight 5 key competitors that required follow-up deep-dive primary research into their capabilities and timelines.

Case study two

The brief

To identify and scope potential opportunities to enter the digestive health space in the US and EU

The overview

The three-month project included secondary and primary research targeting different components of the space highlighting gaps in the treatment algorithms of digestive health diseases.

We screened and analysed the patent landscape to identify innovations in the space, as well as screening and analyzing clinical trial developments to highlight potential new entrants and promising MoAs. Primary research with leading KOLs allowed us to match future solutions to exiting unmet needs

The outcome

We provided deep analysis of the digestive consumer health space, identifying key revenue drivers to support the client’s future product strategy. Insights from the project allowed the client to focus their R&D efforts on a prioritized list of opportunities.

Case study three

The brief

To identify opportunities for near-term business expansion in the field of surgical instruments through product distribution licensing

The overview

We performed a comprehensive scouting exercise to identify third party surgical instruments that constitute potential selling opportunities for the client.

An initial phase of identification and screening of potential candidates was followed by deep dive research of shortlisted companies. The research provided a comprehensive profile of the company, products and market. Using a bespoke scoring system, we differentiated the shortlisted companies based on the potential opportunity for a distribution collaboration.

The outcome

Based on our evaluation, the client engaged the company ranked highest in our assessment.