At the core of our company lie our values: Quality, Passion, Resilience, Collaboration, and Curiosity. They are the tightly woven threads that form the fabric of the CHR culture, vision and offering. It is our values that help us build and maintain relationships of trust internally as a team and externally with our clients. Every engagement is an opportunity for us to demonstrate how we live by the standards that we have set for ourselves; and who better to reflect that than our team.

Quality is embedded in our DNA and that makes us different; and so, we forever hire the best talent to continue delivering excellence.

Passion is what fuels our work and keeps us going, since we all love what we do and see the value it brings to our clients.

Curiosity is the open mindset that we have in order to ask the right questions and it is the compass that guides our research and analysis to always go beyond the obvious.

Resilience is our determination to embrace challenges and use them to propel us forward, while continuously learning in the process.

Collaboration is how we move forward, as together we can always surpass expectations.

By adopting these values, every member of CHR has contributed to the company’s growth and success; and in our Virtual Summer Event 2020 we wanted to recognise a few ambassadors who have truly set the standard for each of those values.

The winners of the 2020 Values Award are:

Quality – Zoe Stephenson, Consultant
Passion – Mitchell Cooke, Consultant
Curiosity – Bethanie Ayerst, Associate Consultant
Resilience – Alexandra Goodchild, Operations Manager
Collaboration – Simon Vanstone, Senior Associate

A huge congratulations to all our winners!

Zoe & Mitchell kindly shared with CHR what it meant to get the recognition of their award:

“I’m thrilled to have received the Quality Award. CHR is dedicated to delivering the highest standard possible in all areas, and I feel motivated by our wonderful team to work towards this goal each day.” – Zoe

“It was a real honour to receive this award. A big part of my role is to build memorable and lasting positive relationships with clients, and to deliver consistently high-quality work to them. But another big part of my role is more internally focused: providing rewarding and enriching experiences to the people that I work with, playing an active role in people’s development and working to improve internal company processes. And all of this is done as part of a team. It’s the brilliant and talented people that I work with daily that makes this role as enjoyable as it is and this award is a testament to the collective efforts of the committed people that I work with, so thank you to everyone for all of their hard work. And thank you for this award – to have this work recognised in this way means a lot and is hugely motivating!” – Mitchell